About Us


Company Profile and Vision.

Demolition Dave is a family business specialising in breaking hard rock in Melbourne, Victoria since 1993. Our focus is getting your earth-moving and/or construction project back on track, promptly AND safely.

Blasting in built-up areas is our specialty. Over the past 27+ years, around 50% of our rock work has been done in close proximity to existing homes/buildings (even under buildings).

If you are carving out a new home site, pool, or another project and you hit massive immovable granite or other very hard rock, don’t give up before you’ve given Dave a call.

Our niche is the ability to drill many small diameter blast holes quickly and accurately for jobs where blast vibration compliance is a concern.

Demolition Dave’s core values are integrity and hard work. Dave always offers honest advice about your specific project and whether explosives are the best option for you.

We take safety seriously and our record is second to none. Contact us today for a service you know you can rely on.

Big or small jobs expertly concluded.

As one of Melbourne’s more experienced rock blasting contractors, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution to assist in the excavation of even the very toughest igneous rock such as granite, granodorite and rhyodacite – the stuff that destroys excavator-mounted hydraulic breakers..

Rely on Dave’s extensive experience.

Whether you are building a highway or a driveway, digging a large dam, a back yard swimming pool, laying a service connection or a major pipeline, perhaps you are excavating under a house for a new room or seismic testing in remote areas, we can help make your project a success..

Dave has the right drill for every occasion and can drill blast holes from 19 – 102mm diameter

Our drilling equipment ranges from the small pneumatic hand drill for confined spaces, to the heavy “sinker” for small-medium size jobs or where access is an issue. For larger jobs we have a custom made excavator-mounted drill and a large hydraulic tracked drill is available if required.

Dave gives you the freedom to develop your land

Our services are available to the building and construction industry, earth movers, owner builders, pool companies, utilities, road construction companies, fencing contractors, the mineral exploration industry, government or anyone who has a legitimate need for the ultimate power tool!