Non Explosive Solutions


Non Explosive Chemical Cracking Agent

This is an expanding  grout powder that, when mixed with water and poured into a hole, hardens and expands with enormous pressure forcing the rock to break.


  • No blast vibration or noise 
  • No chance of fly rock 
  • Good at cracking rock along a straight line of holes (generally) 


  • Time consuming and more expensive
  • Slower results (can take a few days in cold weather)
  • Generally bigger pieces and more difficult to dig out

PCF, Nonex, Pyronex, Autostem and Black Powder

These products are listed on this page because some people try to present them as non explosive… don’t be fooled they certainly are explosives, but a different kind. They contain smokeless powders or a variation thereof. Rather than shattering rock with shock energy, these products burn very rapidly producing large volumes of expanding gases that split the rock. 


  • Slightly less blast vibration and noise compared with high explosives 
  • Results in large pieces of rock without lots of small shattered pieces

Darda Hydraulic Splitter

The Darda is a hydraulic cylinder powered three piece tapered wedge set that is inserted into a suitable hole drilled into the rock. The hydraulic cylinder pushes a wedge between two counter tapered “feathers” and forces the rock to split.

Big or small jobs expertly concluded.

As one of Melbourne’s more experienced rock blasting contractors, we can provide you with a cost-effective solution to assist in the excavation of even the very toughest igneous rock such as granite, granodorite and rhyodacite – the stuff that destroys excavator-mounted hydraulic breakers..

Rely on Dave’s extensive experience.

Whether you are building a highway or a driveway, digging a large dam, a back yard swimming pool, laying a service connection or a major pipeline, perhaps you are excavating under a house for a new room or seismic testing in remote areas, we can help make your project a success..

Dave has the right drill for every occasion and can drill blast holes from 19 – 102mm diameter

Our drilling equipment ranges from the small pneumatic hand drill for confined spaces, to the heavy “sinker” for small-medium size jobs or where access is an issue. For larger jobs we have a custom made excavator-mounted drill and a large hydraulic tracked drill is available if required.

Dave gives you the freedom to develop your land

Our services are available to the building and construction industry, earth movers, owner builders, pool companies, utilities, road construction companies, fencing contractors, the mineral exploration industry, government or anyone who has a legitimate need for the ultimate power tool!